Many marketers operate in a world blinded by short-termism. But if you look past the joy that comes with instant gratification, there is real value in a long-term marketing strategy.

Marketing is best when you give attention to the long-term

Everything you need to monitor, analyse and optimise your content operation

Measurement starts with a plan

Many, many brands have sent “We’re here for you during this time” and “Since we’ve been part of the community…” emails during the COVID-19. pandemic. While this has the right intent, it’s self-serving.

The best content marketing strategies are informed by data, customer insights and industry knowledge — but finding that research can be tricky, without the right approach.

Before you get back into content planning mode, consider these four content marketing concepts. We believe they will define the year ahead.

By the end of this article you might be left wondering why consumer behaviour is not a full-blown marketing major (yet).

What is cognitive bias?

Learn how to talk the talk with executives and change the content narrative.

Why measurement matters

Managing your content marketing operation is a whole lot easier with the right technology.

As you lean into next year there are a few tactics to keep top of mind.

The difference between good and great content comes down to you.

Kate Thompson

Philomath and strategist fascinated by the intersect of psychology, technology and media. Strategy Director @HGMediaAU.

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